With the end of the semester around the corner, students find their preferred places to do their homework and prepare for finals.

Some students look for quiet spaces to study away from other students, others like to have the comfort of a table and some students want to study in places close to where they can get food anytime without walking long distances.

Every building on campus offers different study areas. These are the most popular.

1. The Crossroads at the Manwaring Center

A big painting of the BYU-Idaho Stadium hangs on the wall in The Crossroads; the smell of Chick-fil-A fills the area. Silence starts to break. Minute after minute, groups of two, three, four students start to show up. In a matter of minutes, students can’t find where to sit.

“I choose here to study because I meet up with my friends,” said Emely McPherson a freshman studying financial economics. “It’s a good place because if we want to go eat then we can eat, and we still can do our homework.”

2. The David O. McKay Library

The library offers silence away from the noise of other buildings. It also offers services students need for their homework and research. Some students like the ambience of the McKay Library, and they choose it as their preferred place to study.

“They have their little own closures, and you can do what you want to do and it’s silent,” said Smith Barton, a freshman studying mechanical engineering. “You can listen to your music, and you can get your stuff done with minimum distractions,”

3. The BYU-Idaho Center

The BYU-Idaho Center offers one of the quietest studying experiences. Students choose to study there for the peace and calmness it offers.

“The I-Center is very spiritual and very quiet,” Barton said. “You can get a lot done.”

On the third floor of the BYU-Idaho Center, students can access the balcony area of the auditorium for quiet study.

“It’s pretty quiet, which I like,” said Madison Burt, a sophomore studying social work. “I have a hard time focusing when there is a lot of noise. It’s a calm place.”

4. Students Activities Area

Located in the MC in front of the University Store, Student Activities has a place for students with tables and chairs where they can go and study.

“I like it because it’s close to everything,” said Colten Yager, a senior studying agriculture business. “I’m close to food, but it’s also quiet enough, so I’m not distracted by everyone walking by like it is in the library.”

Every student has different preferences when it comes to choosing the best place to study. Regardless of those preferences, BYU-I has many choices available for students to find the place they feel comfortable doing their homework and other student-related needs.