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A few hours before their concert, the National Parks run a sound-check.

“Yeah, that was perfect.”

“We’ll break it down before we start.”

“One more time.”

These phrases, uttered by the band members, fluttered around the empty Hart auditorium as they made a few final adjustments to their performance.

“I started writing when I was probably 13 years old,” said Brady Parks, lead singer of The National Parks. “I started playing guitar and writing songs all in high school about breakups and typical high school stuff, and just found a love for it.”

Outside the Hart Auditorium, fans of The National Parks waited to enter.

Danielle Klaass and Elyssa Seamons traveled to Rexburg from Idaho Falls to attend the concert.

“I’ve been listening to them for the past few years. They just have a happy vibe,” Klaass said. “I really like ‘As We Ran,’ because it mentions the Grand Tetons, and that’s my favorite National Park.”

Beth Tweedy, a sophomore studying environmental biology, was “head-over-heels excited.” She said she listens to their music every day.

“You listen to their music, and it’s honestly like you’re floating in the water so chill,” Tweedy said.

Despite technical difficulties, and the audio cutting out several times during their performance, The National Parks filled the venue with their “happy vibe.”

The National Parks plan to expand their influence across the world.

“We are currently planning out the next year,” Parks said. “We wanted to go overseas and tour the UK and hit Canada a lot… Big stuff in the works.”

The National Parks were happy to come to perform at BYU-I. “We love it here. We just love making the trip and playing out here,” Parks said.

Brady’s message to all young musicians is to, “Play as much as you can. When times get hard, just keep going.”

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