The Romance Theater shares the love with a community valentine exchange

A valentine's card from a member of the community. Photo credit: Grace Angus

The Romance Theater is currently hosting a “take a note, leave a note” community Valentine Exchange until Feb. 18.

The wall of mailboxes is located under the theater marquee. It is available 24/7 and the activity is completely free. For those who walk by and decide to participate, supplies can be found in one of the boxes. This includes paper, markers and envelopes.

“I’ve seen it driving by,” said Chelsey Berryhill, a junior studying family consumer education. “I thought it was cute. I wondered what it was. It reminds me of when I was in school. I would definitely participate.”

The Valentine Exchange started at the Romance Theater last year.

“The theater was closed for renovation, and due to the pandemic, people were feeling quite disconnected,” said Jed Platt, director of Rexburg Cultural Arts. “So we created a way to express love in an interactive but distanced way. We decided to continue our mailboxes of love again this year.”

The idea is just to leave a note and take a note similar to a “pay the love forward” situation.

“It’s been fun to watch some people come with a handful of notes to put in the boxes and leave with a smile and a new valentine from someone else,” Platt said. “We’ve seen families and other groups come stuff the boxes with drawings, candy or gifts; individuals make intricate cards, and friends leave each other secret notes.”

The wall of mailboxes under the theater marquee
The wall of mailboxes under the theater marquee Photo credit: Grace Angus

The Valentine Exchange allows Platt to reminisce about sentimental times.

“One of my favorite memories from elementary school was crafting handmade cards, making a unique valentine box and trading notes with friends,” Platt said. “Because I had a collection of mailboxes, I thought it would be fun to open the Valentine Exchange to the whole community. Who knows what love you may discover here. We are the Romance Theater, after all.”

More information can be found on the Rexburg Arts website.