The texting code: Can you keep up with it?

Students communicate/ flirt through texting

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You just met the cutest guy or girl over the weekend and got their number. It’s time to reach out to them, but what do you say?

Do you use a smiley face? No, that’s too flirty. But if you don’t use emojis, will you seem boring? Do you put a period at the end of a sentence? Using one is grammatically correct, but does it make you seem too uptight?

The texting code between girls and guys is a delicate subject for many.

Are there universal truths to the texting code, or is it specific to each person?

Kassidi Gonthier, a sophomore studying English education, said the texting code differs according to each individual.

My mom loves using emojis,” Gonthier said. She won’t stop sending them to me. She tries to make up messages using just emojis.”

Ashlee Berrett, a sophomore studying elementary education, said the way people text says a lot about their current mood.

“When someone puts a period in their text, I feel like they are mad or annoyed with me,” Berrett said. “I always use exclamation points to show that I’m not mad.”

Are you someone who loves to use emojis?

Berrett said emojis make a difference in the way texts are perceived.

“I like how you can express yourself through emojis,” Berrett said. “I think that smiley faces are flirty. Winky faces are a little uncomfortable.”

Gonthier said she uses emojis when she is genuinely interested in the conversation.

“When I text a guy that I am willing to date or am dating and use emojis, it means something,” Gonthier said.


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Joe Aldridge, a junior studying English, said he doesn’t usually use emojis, but they have a purpose.

“When you are texting someone and they are reading it, there is a voice playing inside their head,” Aldridge said. “A lot of people use winky faces to mimic sarcasm through text.”

How does texting differ from face to face conversation?

Aldridge said that writing mimics speech, and so does texting.

“It allows us to show the side of us that we want to show,” Aldridge said. “We can think of what we want to say before we say it.”

Aldridge said that sometimes texting doesn’t help get his point across.

“For me, if someone is constantly typing in abbreviations, it shows a lack of commitment to the conversation,” Aldridge said. “I will always make sure I communicate fully. If it’s not working I will call them.”

Aldridge said that sometimes the way a person texts can say a lot about them and their personality.

“It can be a good form of judgment,” Aldridge said. “Different people have different forms of communicating.”

Have you ever gathered your friends around to read texts aloud before you send them? Don’t worry, you aren’t alone, especially when texting someone you might be interested in.

Berrett said that she gathers her friends around to read texts before she sends them and also to read the texts she receives.

“When I am texting a boy for the first time, it takes me and a couple of my roommates to plan out what to say,” Berrett said.


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