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BYU-Idaho may not be the largest university, but it does have a variety of things for students to do. Here are four things that can happen on campus that you probably didn’t know about.

1. Paying for a Private View of the Night Sky

For those that enjoy the night sky and are looking for a private venue for a group of friends, students can rent the planetarium. Groups with less than 20 people are asked to pay a minimum of $40, while groups with over 40 people are asked to pay $2 per person. More information about making reservations and scheduling private shows can be found here.

2. Having a Study Room to Yourself for Free

Students can schedule study rooms during the weekdays and even on the weekend. These rooms are mainly located in the Manwaring Center and in the library. This can be a way to have a free space to study for a couple hours and could be a quiet studying place for a test. Students can schedule the rooms through the scheduling office. The link for information to contact the office or for online scheduling office can be found here.

3. Family Reunions

BYU-I can also provide spacing for those that want to do family reunions. The Ropes Course is one of the places that is scheduled for some of these events. There are also other rooms available, such as the ballrooms or the Special Events Room located in the Manwaring Center, that can provide enough space for these gatherings.

4. It’s Not Called BYU-I Do For Nothing

Civil wedding ceremonies are not permitted on campus but that doesn’t mean that there can’t be other wedding activities. Jadi Chisholm, a junior studying communication, is the receptionist for the scheduling office. She explained that even though weddings are not allowed according to university policy, people are still welcome to schedule certain areas of the school for wedding receptions.

For those students who have fantasized about having their wedding reception just a few steps away from the building they had class in, this is definitely a venue to consider. There are three main areas that are scheduled for receptions: the Ricks Gardens, the Special Events Room and the Little Theater.

“There is a ton of room (in the gardens) and it can fit an upward amount of roughly 200 people there,” Chisholm said.

This means that for a certain price, BYU-I could be the site of your dream wedding reception.

Every event that is scheduled on campus usually coordinates with event services. The event coordinators are assigned to make sure the event runs smoothly and that they have the things required to make the event successful.

Kjersti Shiffler, a junior studying healthcare administration, works in events services and talked about some of the factors in a wedding reception.

“I have helped with wedding receptions, so they’ll contact us and then they go through our adult coordinator on campus, and we just make sure that we are with them from the time that they start until the time that they end to make sure things are running well,” said Shiffler.

The university makes sure that it can provide a multitude of diversions for students of all interests, and these were just a few of them. The next time one of your friends decides to say “I do,” maybe you can give them a couple pointers on their options for a campus wedding.

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