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As students, it may be hard to admit that the materials taught in class are not sticking. Luckily, BYU-I offers free services to students at the Tutoring Center to help them solidify principles taught in class. The Tutoring Center is located on the second floor of the David O. McKay Library.

A plead for help

“I think that it is sometimes hard to admit that you don’t know the material,” said Ashley Hall, a junior studying accounting. “I am pretty stubborn myself, and think that I can figure it out on my own.”

After a positive experience with the Writing Center, Zack Peterson, a senior studying business, found out what a great resource the Tutoring Center is.

“The first time that I went to the Writing Center, it was required by the class,” Peterson said. “I was a little frustrated but quickly changed my mind. I have gone back several times if I need help with a large assignment. They are always helpful and thankfully don’t pass judgment on my poor grammar.”

While in college, Brent Bean, a professor teaching communication, discovered how wonderful the Tutoring Center is, and he encourages all students to take advantage of it.

The tutoring center

“When I was taking statistics at USU, I went to the tutor almost every day to help me get through the class,” Bean said. Not only did they help me understand statistics better, (but they also) helped me earn an A in the class, something I thought was statistically improbable at the time. My recommendation to all students is to use the resources the University has in place, including the Tutoring Center.”

“I don’t see anything negative about trying to be your best self, and if others can help you do that, all the better!” Bean said.

Students that would like to take advantage of it can go to the BYU-I website and search for the Tutoring Center. There, you can schedule an appointment for nearly all of your classes. The Tutoring Center promises “They can lead you to excel in your classes.”

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