There are hundreds of things to do when you don’t want to spend any money. Here are 20 ideas to get you started.

Fly a kite

One thing Rexburg is not lacking is wind. Let your inner kid have a little fun and go fly a kite with your friends.

Watch the sunrise and sunset

At least once in your life, you have to wake up early and watch the sunrise. You won’t regret it. Rexburg sunrises and sunsets are beautiful.

Write a short story or poem

Explore your creative side. Try out different styles of poetry.

Try the “100 Happy Days” Challenge

If you haven’t heard of the “100 Happy Days” Challenge, you should really give it a try. Every day, you submit a picture of something that made you happy that day. They don’t have to be big things; it can be a casual hello with a stranger or finding that favorite shirt that’s been missing for weeks. In the end, it just teaches you to be happy at the little things each and every day.

Read a book with a movie adaptation, then watch the movie

Let’s be honest: the book is always better than the movie.

Get to know your roommates better

They live with you, but who are these people? Take the time to get to know them. Do they have allergies? What words make them cringe? When they looked at the dress, was it white and gold or blue and black?

Learn to say hello in as many languages as possible

College is a melting pot of diverse people from all over the world. Learning to say hello in a few different languages can open the door for new and unexpected friendships.

Work on those DIY projects you probably pinned on Pinterest

Most of us have Pinterest boards full of DIY projects that we have no intention of ever doing. This is your chance to get fancy with the mason jars and burlap.

Learn about a different culture

Ever wonder about Tibetan art, music and literature? Well, you should because it’s pretty interesting. Go check it out!

Go on a bike ride

Springtime is here, and the days are getting warmer. Now is the time to dust off your bike that’s been sitting in storage all winter.

Create a new music playlist

Listen to a genre you’re not familiar with. Find new music and make a fun new playlist.

Learn to play a song on the piano or guitar

Learning to play piano or guitar is never a bad idea. Impress all of your friends with your newfound musical prowess.

Take a walk

Walking is amazing because it’s relaxing, you can listen to music, and, chances are, you’ll probably run into someone you know and have a great conversation.

Declutter and organize your closet, and consider giving stuff away to DI

You’re probably not going to wear that blue and purple, sequin-lined, flannel shirt again. Get rid of all the stuff you don’t wear anymore. It’ll make finding things and packing at the end of the semester a lot easier.

Play an old video game

High quality graphics are overrated.

Watch a show you used to love as a kid

We all love to reminisce on the shows we loved as kids. Why not go and watch them?

Do origami

The famous Japanese art of paper folding is more fun than you might think. See if you can make a swan or fox out of colorful paper.

Do your laundry

The growing pile of mucky clothes in the corner demanding your attention should probably have been at the top of this list. Nothing makes you want to stay home and not spend money like a lack of clean clothes to wear.

Play in the rain

Not every day can be a sunny one, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be a fun one. If it does get a little cloudy, pull out those mud boots and go splash in a few puddles.

Count all the money you just saved!

There are endless possibilities for things to do if you don’t want to spend money, and this list only scratches the surface. You just have to think a little outside of the box.