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Most campus students know where to go for books and research: the library. What is less known is the dozens of events and activities hosted by the David O. McKay Library.

Past semesters have seen Harry Potter wand crafting, free cake giveaways and writing competitions. These events are aimed at informing students of the libraries many programs and benefits, as well as entertaining students and making the place of learning a place of fun.

Holly Green, an Associate University Librarian at the McKay Library, discussed and explained some of the activities coming up this semester.

Geology and Chemistry Major Nights

On Jan. 21 the library held the second of its Major Nights for this semester.

Major nights are opportunities for students to explore different options for their chosen profession and learn about the library’s major specific research tools.

Green said the library is currently planning major nights for geology and chemistry. According to the library’s website, Green will lead the geology event and Juliann Self, the Information Literacy Librarian, will lead the chemistry night.

The geology event will happen today from 5 to 6 p.m., and the chemistry event will take place on Feb. 13 from 5 to 6 p.m. Both will be held in the McKay Library 243.

Valentine’s Day Poetry

“Roses are red, violets are blue, printing Valentines poetry is fun for you!”

This short poem produced by the McKay Library is an advertisement for the third annual Valentine’s Day Poetry competition at the library.

According to the flyer, the competition is open to all students. Submissions can include any poetry form and must not exceed 20 lines.

“This contest is fun to judge because the poems range from serious love poems to short funny ones,” Green said.

Submissions should be sent to by Feb. 8. The chosen winners of the competition will have their poems sent to the printing press on the second floor of the McKay Library and will be available for open printing on Feb. 14, Valentine’s Day.

Blind Dates at the Library

From Feb. 4 to 28, on the first floor of the library, dating booths will be set up for blind book dating.

This event will give students the opportunity to test out their dating skills on random books. Participants will choose a genre and be given a sealed book from that category to take home and read.

Green said the library hopes students will take advantage of this opportunity and use it to try new things and expand their reading list.

Special Collections Fur Coats

The Special Collections room in the McKay Library runs a set of displays outside its door that holds exhibits with historical context.

These displays have held skates, dresses and lots of books.

On the week of March 4, the special collections room will be filled with vintage coats from Montana.

Green said the coats come from Copper King Mansion in Butte and are traditional upper-class styles.

Most of the coats are from the 19th century and are made from authentic fur. Last year, a similar exhibit displayed vintage dresses from Copper King Mansion.

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