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Outdoor activities are planned throughout the month of July for Rexburg residents in celebration ofParks and Recreation Month. The city’s Parks and Recreation Department will host an activity each week.

The events take place at the Park Street Park grand opening on July 12, the Porter Park Volleyball on July 19 and the Smith Park Fire Department water park on July 26.

The city hopes to introduce residents and students to the amenities and activities in the city’s parks, according to the Parks and Recreation Month Facebook event page.

On July 2, there was an event on Center Street where student volunteers put sod on a spot normally with asphalt for people to sit, play and relax while listening to music.

The mayor of Rexburg attended the event, gave cookies to the volunteers and greeted people while they enjoyed a free concert. BYU-Idaho horticultural students volunteered to help set up this event for the community.

The events are to help and encourage people to get outside and stay active and happy, according to a BYU-Idaho Radio article

For more information on these events, visit the Rexburg Parks and Recreation Month page or the official Facebook page event page.

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