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A few weeks ago, I had a big scare and what seemed like a mini-panic attack when I realized that things were going to change next semester. “I don’t like change,” I thought.

Since then, I have been thinking about change. The changes I’ve had to go through, the anxiety that some change has put me through, but also the change that has tweaked my life for the better, the change that has made me happy.

I went back to the thought I had of “I don’t like change,” and I realized that’s not true. I don’t like change only when I’m comfortable and happy where I’m at, when I don’t see anything getting better because everything already seems to be good. If things are bad and I can see them being better, I welcome change, I want to change.

What would happen if I welcomed and wanted change even when things were already good? This experience has helped me come to the realization of two things: even when things are good, change can often make things better, and I don’t dislike change, I just think I do at the time.

What would happen if change didn’t exist? There would be no progression. Change is not always big: It’s often small things. Change is sometimes as simple as talking to someone you’ve never talked to before. In a lot of cases, that changes people’s lives.

If change never happened, no one would ever talk to anyone new, no one would ever make new friends and no one would ever get married.

Each day is a change. Each day is different. No day from one to the next is the same. No second from one to the next is the same; things are constantly changing.

Without change, there would be no progression. Without change, there would be no happiness.

It’s just like the concept of “opposition in all things.” Change is opposition, and without it, we would not know joy because we would not know sorrow.

Next time you think to yourself, “I don’t like change,” think of this. Think of all the changes that have made your life better and what would happen if change never happened. I doubt you’ll ever say “I don’t like change” again. I know I’m never going to.

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