For those who just left home to start an academic career at BYU-Idaho, it’s time to get acquainted with a new virtual homepage which is the school’s website. Mastering the school website will give students access to tools that may have been overlooked.

1. When in doubt, “Scroll” down

Before signing in, the guest BYU-I homepage is available to all of the site’s visitors. There are several sections on the webpage dedicated to “important links” and “important dates,” but not everything is available in those tabs. When in doubt, scroll down to the bottom of the webpage and there will be other links available. There is also a phone number available that will lead to the student help desk if there are any other questions left unanswered. This phone number is also visible for the students who sign into the school website.

2. Prepare! For the testing center is on the horizon

Once you log in to the student account, a new page is presented with five sections of tabs available on the left. Under Student Services there is a link to Testing Services that will take you to the their webpage. This page provides a picture of what the Testing Center looks like at the moment, and the image updates every 30 seconds. Under the Test Deadlines/Scores tab you will be able to see the results from previous exams taken. Click on the link and tab that states “open in a window” and access will be available to previous test scores.

3. Finding deals from BYU-I students

Under the Student Services section there is a tab listed as the Bulletin Board. Here, BYU-I students can put an ad up to sell their personal belongings or buy items from other students. The items being sold vary from wedding items, automobiles, electronics and housing items.

4. Broke? Time for a Job?

Pell grants and scholarships help make college affordable and relieve the stress that comes from college loans. However, there can still be some expenses left to be payed off. On the student homepage there is a tab titled “more.” Under this tab are six options, click on the option titled Student Employment. This will open a page that has “workplace” in the middle of the page. Click on the job board for several campus jobs that are available. Click away since each position has a description as to what the job is and the qualifications needed.

5. Money makes the world go round

Under the “more” tab, the finance link will become visible. Here you can make payments on a student account or put money into an I-Card which can be used for on-campus printers and more. In order to make the payments possible you will need your card or bank information to put money into your account.

The finance page will also give links regarding your financial aid package, I-Card replacements and opportunities for Scholarship and Grants at BYU-Idaho.