If you have ever found yourself with an hour between classes, desperately tired from an early morning and in need a of quick power nap, you are in luck, for a few reasons.

First, it is National Napping Day on March 12, so taking a nap anytime during the day will be totally acceptable. Second, the Scroll has searched high and low for the best places to nap on campus, so next time you are stuck on campus and need to catch some quick Z’s, you have options.

1. The second floor of the David O. McKay Library

This place is a mecca for nap connoisseurs. There are long benches against the walls in the back, soft chairs in between shelves and even lying down in the bookshelf jungle is possible, because not a lot of people actually walk through the rows of books in the library these days.

The second floor is the place for deep sleep because it is quiet. Beware of sleeping too long.

“I would have to say the best place would be the library, in the middle of all those bookshelves, in the comfy chairs,” said Austin Johansen, a freshman studying construction management.

Johansen said he takes a nap on campus at least twice a week.

“I live in St. Anthony, so in the middle of the day I need a nap, so I just take a nap,” Johansen said. “Anywhere in the library.”

2. The BYU-Idaho Center

This place is full of benches and soft chairs — whichever is your preference for campus naps. Take your pick on any floor, but the higher the floor, the better your chances for uninterrupted napping.

3. Devotional

Admit it — we have all been there. Devotional can be a great place to take a quick power nap. It is warm, the lights are low, the chairs are soft and the mood is peaceful.

4. Rigby Hall’s lobby

If you have never been to this building, you should check it out, especially on National Napping Day. It is so quiet, and there is a lobby with soft chairs and couches just sitting there, waiting to be indulged in. You really cannot go wrong.

5. The hallways in the Eliza R. Snow Center for the Performing Arts

Find yourself a bench in the Snow Center if you enjoy hearing music while slumbering. Find yourself a bench in the Snow Center.

If you would like some intense dreams, find a bench in the practice hallway. There will likely be some opera practice ensuing. Your mind will take you to amazing places while you snooze.

6. The John Taylor chapel

“I’ve heard the best place to take a nap is the Taylor chapel,” said Holly Ramsey, a senior studying exercise physiology. “Because of the benches. I’ve never done it before, but I’ve heard the rumors.”

7. Anywhere

“There was a kid asleep on his backpack on the tile floor in a back hallway,” said Sierra Davis, a sophomore majoring in general studies. Her roommate told her this story after work in the internship office, where she saw the kid sleeping in the middle of the hallway outside her office.