When someone says Thanksgiving desserts, what is the first thing that comes to mind? Probably pumpkin pie.

Scroll conducted a survey asking what are Latter-day Saint’s favorite pie flavors via an Instagram Poll.

These were the top four answers that people gave:

  1. Berry pie
  2. Chocolate or cream pie
  3. Apple pie
  4. Pumpkin pie
  5. Pecan pie

“(Apple pie) has a nice texture and a soft crunch with lots of flavor,” said Jenna Fox, a Latter-day Saint from Arizona when asked why apple pie was her favorite.

Even though pumpkin pie was one of the least popular among Latter-day Saints in the survey, it is still a Thanksgiving staple. This is because of the pumpkins’ deep American roots that reach back to the first Thanksgiving.

According to History’s website, the pilgrims added milk, honey and spices to the inside of a pumpkin gourd and roasted it to create a puree. This was a substitute for pie since the colonies didn’t have wheat, flour or butter to make the crust.

Today, pumpkin spice flavors and scents are a source of nostalgia for many people. It gets them into the fall spirit and reminds them of happy times from years past.

Even though pumpkin pie may not be the most popular among Thanksgiving desserts, it will always be one of Thanksgiving’s staple foods because of its deep roots in our American heritage, the seasonal significance and nostalgia pumpkin pie holds.