Kevin McEwan, the chief nursing officer at Madison Memorial Hospital spoke to BYU-Idaho Students this semester about becoming transformational leaders in the community.

According to St. Thomas University, a transformational leader, leads by example. They use inspiration, rapport and empathy to uplift others.

They said that transformational leadership is recognizing and being aware of the needs of the workers around them; they will adapt their leadership style in accordance with needs so it motivates organizational goal.

Proper leadership style benefits job satisfaction and helps workers not only understand their own personal goals but the organization’s goals too, according to a recent article “a closer look at transformational leadership and internal marketing.”

According to, “Transformational leadership is about building relationships among people and making significant changes by emphasizing values and developing a shared vision among those associated with the organization.”

McEwan said college students should be looking for leadership opportunities on campus. Try and get involved in extracurricular activities. The experiences learned by being involved in activities, help you become the transformational leader that you can become.

“Transformational leadership is extremely important for college students to have and maintain it once graduated,” McEwan said. “The simple keys that I have noticed in transformational leadership is being authentic, creative and growing your own mindset.”

Carolyn Dawson, a junior studying psychology, said leadership, in general, is something everyone needs to have.

“Many people work under supervisors or bosses that have no idea what they are doing and only show authority to people that are underneath them,” Dawson said. “A company or true leader has the qualities of transformational leadership because, at the end of the day, we just want to be respected.”