The final performance of Translations was at 2 p.m. on Saturday.

The acting, costuming, storytelling, breathtaking arena-style stage and astonishingly accurate Irish accents made for an extremely immersive performance.

Isaiah Jeffries, a sophomore studying communication, played the role of Hugh O’Donnell.

“O’Donnell was a very challenging character for me to play because he’s very scholarly, he’s older, and he’s a father of two adult children,” Jeffries said.

Acting is a difficult process to undertake, but the actors on set for “Translations” had an extra challenge to overcome: the Irish accent.

“I actually listened to the National Theater recording of “Translations” before my audition,” Jeffries said. “I would listen while I did my homework every day just to get the Northern Irish dialect down.”

Audience members checking out the Translations program

Audience members checking out the Translations program. Photo credit: Megan Royer

Students spent many hours making the play an experience for their audience. Every detail was put into consideration, especially when considering the set.

“The set alone took 3 months to create,” said Jennie Pardoe, the director. “There’s the cobble flooring made of foam, the foliage, and all the props. After this show, the actors have to tear it all up!”

“Translations” gave every emotion to the audience. Laughter, anger, gut-wrenching sadness and above all, thoughtfulness. “Translations” is a play that is designed to make the audience think about the implications of language.

As the audience exited the Black Box Theatre, they chattered about the production and design, leaving them with an impactful experience.