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Trump vs. Canada

President Donald Trump stated that Canadians are accustomed to smuggling American products, like shoes, over the border on June 19, according to Global News. Trump made these claims after trade disputes happened between him and Canada’s prime minister, Justin Trudeau.

According to The New York Times, after Trudeau defended Canada’s trade policies on June 9, Trump called him “dishonest and weak.”

Trump’s trade adviser Peter Navarro even went as far as to say “there is a special place in hell” for leaders like Trudeau, according to The New York Times. Navarro apologized for that choice of words on June 12.

When the U.S. imposed trade tariffs on Canada last month, Trump and Trudeau’s relationship weakened. On June 9, at a news conference, Trudeau said Canada wouldn’t be “pushed around” by the U.S. amid the tariff dispute on steel and aluminum, according to Global News.

In retaliation, Trudeau has introduced more than $16 billion in tariffs against the U.S. This act from Trudeau will intentionally raise prices on whiskey, orange juice, frozen pizzas and soybeans, according to The Guardian.

Trump believes that countries have been taking advantage of trade with the U.S. He also believes that due to his recent decisions to raise tariffs Canadians are now resorting to smuggling goods from America, according to Global News.

Trudeau told NBC it was “insulting and unacceptable” to place tariffs on Canadian aluminum and steel for security reasons when Canada has been a steadfast friend and military ally to the U.S. for decades.

According to Global News, Trump regularly complains about a trade deficit with Canada and was complaining again on June 11.

“We lose a lot with Canada,” Trump said, according to Global News. “People don’t know it. Canada’s very smooth. They have you believe that it’s wonderful. And it is, for them. Not wonderful for us.”

Trump, however, signed a report from the White House stating that trade has helped the U.S. economy grow.

The report Trump signed stated that foreign trade is increasingly important and America has a record of success in international dispute panels at the World Trade Organization. The White House report said trade and economic growth are strongly and positively correlated, according to Global News.

“A recent report from the CD Howe Institute finds that the tariffs will cause significant economic pain in both countries: Canada could lose as many as 6,000 jobs and a 0.33 percent GDP reduction, whereas the US would lose 22,700 jobs, but only a 0.02 percent disruption to the GDP,” according to The Guardian.

Darren Lacusta, a Canadian citizen currently living in Canada and a sophomore studying communication, is wary of Trump’s position on trade.

“Trump messing with our trade relationship is increasing the cost of living,” Lacusta said. “It takes four Canadian dollars to get three American dollars. It worries me for when I want to live in the States without an opportunity to make American dollars. Trump is making the money that I earn worth less and less once I cross the border.”


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