BYU-Idaho issued an official statement to students on June 4 notifying them of the upcoming change to the Tuesday devotional schedule beginning during the approaching Summer Session.

According to BYU-I student advisory, “Starting Summer Session 2019, the weekly BYU-Idaho Devotional will start at 11:30 a.m. instead of 2:10 p.m.”

This change was made for one purpose: increasing convenience for students.

“Devotionals are so awesome,” said Trish Gannaway, guest housing and institutional events coordinator. “What we’re trying to do is make it so that it can be more convenient for students to attend.”

Gannaway understands the difficulty many students face when it comes to scheduling their day and that it can be inconvenient to make time for devotional.

“2 o’clock isn’t that late in the day, but maybe your classes are all done by then, and if you have to make a choice of, ‘should I go home now, or should I go to the devotional?’ you’re probably gonna say, ‘I’m gonna go home,'” Gannaway said.

She emphasized the effort devotional speakers put into preparing their talks and said they typically put in over 100 hours of work before sharing their message with students, following the Spirit as they do so to share just the right thing.

“If students were to take to heart the things that they heard and what they were taught by the Spirit at devotionals, their lives would improve so much,” Gannaway said.

LaNae Poulter, scheduling manager, said there are also logistical benefits to this change.

“One of the end results should not only be a better time slot for the devotionals but also better utilization of the campus space,” Poulter said.

She said that with mostly 90-minute block classes on Tuesdays and Thursdays, many classrooms sit empty between one and two o’clock on those days to accommodate for the current devotional schedule.

“It is critical that we learn how to better utilize our space and avoid the expense of building more facilities,” Poulter said. “Making relatively small adjustments can reap great benefits.”

Beginning July 30, weekly devotionals will be held according to this new schedule.