BYU-Idaho offers free tutoring right here on campus. Students can have two brains instead of one to be successful in difficult classes.

According to the Academic Support Centers page, tutors help serve over 22,000 students on campus. Each student can spend up to 12 hours with their given personal tutor.

“The Academic Centers are designed to supplement classroom instruction and help students practice, sharpen and master essential college skills,” according to

According to the Academic Support Centers, students discover the “Spirit of Ricks” as they learn how much of a difference one-on-one and group tutoring can make in their academic experience.

“In my past experiences you have to pay for tutoring and that sucks because it is expensive,” said Abigail Winters, a freshman studying public health. “Here at BYU-I it is really nice. I can call or email for tutor help and someone will be there to help me with my homework.”

According to the Academic Support Centers, tutoring is free for all BYU-I students. The learning centers offered are reading, writing, math, tutoring and study skills. Each tutor is trained and paid by BYU-I to provide the most efficient experience.

“Because of this, all students have equal access and can be confident they will receive qualified, professional help in a relaxed atmosphere,” according to “Every semester, about 800 tutors are employed. In addition to the paid tutors, about 830 qualified students volunteer their services as tutors.”

Whether students simply want improve their academic reading skills, edit an essay, get help with a class, work on their study skills or ask questions over math problems, they can receive the guidance they need in the Academic Support Centers. The Academic Support Centers is ready to help students meet their goals.

Madison Fryrear, a freshman studying English, said she knew she was not good at math so from the start she had two trigonometry tutors.

“My tutors knew each unique thing that I struggled with,” Fryrear said. “They were patient and helped break things down for me step by step.”

According to The Academic Support Center students can start their tutoring by applying online at the website.