The Strippling Ballers and Team Isabelle played against each other Tuesday night.

The winner advanced to the next round of play while the loser was eliminated from the field.

Both teams traded leads throughout the night. Team Isabelle would go up a basket only to have the Strippling Ballers score to tie the game. Neither team could take a lead that was greater than two to four points.

The game was a physical one with lots of foul calls made by the referees. Dyson Douglas, a senior studying business management, didn’t like some of the calls the referees made throughout the night.

Douglas said that the player he was guarding kept flopping whenever he drew contact.

As the game continued late into the fourth quarter, Team Isabell had a 1-point lead on the Strippling Ballers. With about 13 seconds left in the fourth, the Strippling Ballers took the ball from baseline to baseline and drew a shooting foul just as the clock hit zero.

The Ballers only ended up making one of the two free throws and the game was sent into overtime.

After the four minutes of overtime play, Team Isabell came out on top with the win.

Halli Olson, a sophomore studying business management, was surprised the game went into overtime.

“I thought we were going to win, but the game ended up going into overtime,” Olson said.

Team Isabelle ended up winning the game by a slim margin and advanced to play another game on Tuesday night. If they win their next game, Team Isabelle will play again Thursday night.

For more information about co-rec basketball games look at BYU-Idaho’s schedule.