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University Store promotes new products

Laura Phelps, a freshman studying horticulture, receives a makeover from Ariel LaFontaine, a junior studying art. The University Store is the only location in Rexburg that carries Boots cosmetic products. RACHAEL ANTHONEY | Scroll Photography

The University Store held an event on Thursday to promote their new cosmetics line, Boots by giving out free makeovers to students.
Boots is a brand of make that is made and was first launched in the United Kingdom.
It is marketed as a high quality, affordable brand of make.
“It’s the same price as something you might buy at Walmart, but a much higher quality,” said Barbara Mortensen, the gift and sundries buyer for the University Store.
Boots has been marketing their make towards bookstores and universities.
The cosmetics company has been holding similar events at other locations that are new  to carrying the Boots brand.
The cosmetic products have been on sale at the University Store since Sept. 13.
Some of the highlights are that the make is all natural as well as hypoallergenic. Many of the products are marketed towards sensitive skin.
Women at BYU-Idaho lined to get their free makeover.
The pampering session also included hand massages for girls waiting to get their make done, as well as refreshments.
Some girls waited over an hour to have a chance to try the new products out.
Two make artists were recruited by Boots to give the makeovers. One of them was BYU-I student Ariel LaFontaine a junior studying art.
LaFontaine has been a make artist for a year and a half, although she has always enjoyed doing make. Before Boots came to the University Store, LaFontaine had heard of the brand and even used it herself.
“I’ve been using their mascara for a while now. I kept trying and trying to find a mascara that worked for me and I finally found this one and I’ve been using it for years now,” LaFontaine said.
Emily Vladd, a sophomore studying home and family, enjoyed having her make done and said that the products felt pretty light.
“I think I’ll buy a cole of the products,” Vladd said.


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