This article was written by Yakshinee Boodoo

On Oct. 30, a University of Utah student got shot on the east side of campus.

ChenWei Guo was a 23-year-old international student from China. Guo was studying computer science and entrepreneurship and was supposed to graduate with a bachelor’s degree in 2019.

He was also part of the International Student Council at the University of Utah, according to the University.

“I met Chen about 3 years ago,” said Mauricio Kiyama, a senior studying software engineering at BYU-I. “We went to LDS Business College (and) took a class together. He was a very down-to-earth person, very honest with a good heart, helping and as we both were international students, we became good friends.”

Kiyama said Guo transferred to the University of Utah from LDS Business College to pursue his education.

The shooter was Austin Boutain, a 24-year-old male who was in Salt Lake with his wife.

The shooting happened at the mouth of Red Butte Canyon, just east of the school. It happened during a carjacking at night, according to Good4Utah.

According to Fox13 Salt Lake City, Boutain and his wife are wanted out of Golden, Colorado. The reports informed they committed homicide about five days before the shooting that happened at the University of Utah. They were driving a green Colorado pick-up truck.

Since the shooting, law enforcement in the air and SWAT teams joined together to locate the shooter.

The next day, the Salt Lake City police received a call saying the suspect had been apprehended at the Salt Lake City Library by the library security, according to Fox13.

Salt Lake City police and University of Utah campus police stated that the shooter gave himself in without fighting back.

As of right now, the Salt Lake City police are still trying to figure out about if there were any other motives for killing Guo, according to Fox13.

“These students come from other countries, different cultures,” said Tan Gao, a junior studying accounting at BYUI. “How do U.S. schools and society make sure these special groups are safe?”

According to the news organization Good4Utah, the campus police went around campus that night to make sure the campus was safe. A couple of minutes after they left, the shooting happened.

“Chinese students are the largest group of international students in the U.S.,” Gao said. “In this generation, most Chinese families have one kid. What a huge loss for his family.”

According to a press release on Fox13, The University of Utah is currently working with Guo’s family to see if they can have them come to the U.S., and campus students are doing everything they can to help the family and his closest friends on campus.

“It’s pretty sad, and my prayers and thoughts are with his family and to those that were closer to him,” Kiyama said. “He is someone that will definitely have a special place in my heart.”

Students gathered together on the University of Utah campus on Tuesday night in remembrance of Guo to pray and sing for him.