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Each semester BYU-Idaho students take time on one Saturday morning to come together and grow closer to their Savior while also heightening their leadership skills at the Disciple Leadership Conference.

The Disciple Leadership Conference is on Saturday, Oct. 20 in the John Taylor building from 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. and costs four dollars per person if purchased ahead of time or six dollars at the door. Lunch is included with the ticket. The conference is Sunday dress. The purpose of the conference is to deepen students discipleship and strengthen leadership skills, according to the official DLC webpage.

In August 2004, Elder David A. Bednar gave a BYU-I address in which he stated, “In this school in Zion in Rexburg—in this temple of learning—disciples can follow the Savior and learn of and from Him the lessons that will prepare them for effective service in their homes, in the Church, and in their communities and careers.”

“The Disciple Leader Conference is to further what [Bednar] said to help us become better disciples of Jesus Christ and also become better leaders here on campus,” said Addy Clark, the DLC program assistant and a junior studying recreation management. “We know that we can become better leaders by following the greatest example there ever was and that was the Savior.”

Clark said students choose to attend four of around 15 workshops on various topics and aspects of life such as physical wellness, transitioning to parenthood, dating and relationships and overcoming addiction.

“It’s kind of about trying to help people understand how they can be a better disciple leader through the conference through their academics, through establishing a Christ-centered family and also through becoming more like our Savior Jesus Christ,” said Stuart Walton, the DLC Coordinator and a sophomore studying business management.

Walton said several changes have been made to the Disciple Leadership Conference for this semester such as more options for workshops and a service project.

“This Disciple Leadership Conference is way different than what it has been in the past this one is new and improved and we are hoping to make it even newer next semester or the next time we do it,” Walton said.

Walton will be conducting the conference.

“This year we are doing the preparation work to make little toys like stuffed basketballs for kids in foreign countries and also for adults in hospitals and rehabilitation centers here in the United States,” Walton said.

Walton said him and Clark work together to plan all the logistics of the conference.

Clark said this service project will be large and should take several semesters and this semester they will be doing the preparation work.

“We really just want to reach those students who usually wouldn’t come to the conference and so that’s why we have a lot more workshops. We want a different audience to come,” Clark said.

The conference includes a variety of university leaders who will speak about becoming a disciple leader such as Student Services Managing Director, Kyle Martin, according to the official DLC webpage.

“Dig deeper within smaller break-out sessions that further develop disciple leadership skills, talents and qualities. Participate in discussions that help students apply these leadership skills,” said the official DLC webpage.

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