Upper Valley Child Advocacy Center is an organization dedicated to protecting children and families in the area. With a team of specially trained professionals, UVCC provides advocacy for child victims of abuse and works to prevent sexual abuse by educating community members.

UVCC was established with the aim of supporting children and families who have experienced abuse. Their team consists of professionals who are well-versed in handling cases and providing the necessary assistance. The center operates at 162 N. Yellowstone Highway in Rigby.

Upper Valley Child Advocacy Center located in Rigby, Idaho
Upper Valley Child Advocacy Center located in Rigby, Idaho By: Chester Chan

One of the primary goals of UVCC is to prevent sexual abuse by educating community members. The organization conducts various training programs to spread awareness about the signs of abuse and how to report it.

The training programs are designed to cater to different age groups, from children to adults. This approach ensures that everyone in the community can identify and report abuse, which is crucial in preventing it.

The UVCC team comprises specially trained professionals who provide counseling and support to child victims of abuse. They work closely with law enforcement and medical professionals to ensure that the children receive the necessary care and support.

Blankets and books given out to kids
Blankets and books given out to kids By: Chester Chan

The center also provides “forensic interviews.” These interviews are a safe and child-friendly environment for the children to speak about their experiences. The aim is to ensure that the children feel comfortable and safe while discussing sensitive topics.

Child forensic interviews are a specific type of interview conducted with children who may have experienced abuse or witnessed violence against another person. These interviews are designed to gather information about the child’s experience in a way that is legally sound and protects the child’s emotional well-being.

The purpose of a child forensic interview is to elicit unique information from the child about possible abuse or violence that the child may have witnessed or experienced. The interview is typically a single session that is recorded to maintain an accurate record of the child’s responses. The information gathered during the interview can be used in criminal investigations or court proceedings.

Quote in UVCC conference Room
Quote in UVCC conference Room By: Chester Chan

Ashley Stallings, the executive director and forensic interviewer at UVCC, shares her experience with children in the forensic interview process. She shares that some successful cases come back to UVCC to give back to the organization that helped them in their youth.

To learn more about UVCC and volunteering/donation opportunities check out its get involved page.