This article and photos are by Jenna Schwarz

The Villalobos Brothers performed Friday, November 3 in the Kirkham Auditorium. Recognized as one of today’s leading contemporary Mexican ensembles, they combine Mexican folk music and the harmonies of jazz and classical genres to create a unique sound. Madelyn Hone, a freshman studying music performance, loved the interaction between the brothers and the audience.

“My favorite part was how they interacted with the audience and we interacted back, and I love the mix of jazz with traditional Mexican folk music,” Hone said.

The Villalobos Brothers got audience members clapping and dancing throughout the concert, and loved the energy in the auditorium. The Villalobos Brothers are made up of lead vocalists and violinists Ernesto Villalobos, Alberto Villalobos, and Luis Villalobos, along with Humberto Flores on backup vocals and guitar, Rosa Avila on drums, and Leo Sherman on bass.