Josh Neyman, an alumnus of BYU-Idaho, found his niche as a jib grip and jib camera crane operator at the Conference Center where he operates for large events including Christmas concerts, music, and general conference.

The path to his current role wasn’t a straight one, but Neyman attributes his success to his time spent at BYU-I and the experiences that followed.

“Actually, I was working at BYU-Idaho, in the AV and Broadcast Department, and the operator that operates general conference and the Christmas concerts here found me and recruited me,” Neyman said.

After two years working at the University in AV broadcast for Devotional, Christmas concerts and other events like the Pioneer Day Parade, Neyman transitioned into his current role.

“It basically is a long camera crane with a camera at the end, everything is controlled remotely,” Neyman said.

Despite the technical nature of his work, Neyman finds genuine joy in what he does.

Fellow Gib operator at General Conference

Fellow Gib operator at General Conference Photo credit: Chester Chan

“The special thing is it’s not a job,” Neyman said. “I get to play. I have lots of fun.”

Over the years, Neyman has had the opportunity to collaborate with several renowned personalities, including Christian Aguilera and Hugh Jackman.

Every show Neyman operates on is meticulously choreographed.

While the exact compositions and angles are determined beforehand, the settings of the camera are managed by shaders in the control room. who ensure the perfect shot every time.

For those aspiring to enter this competitive field, Neyman has words of encouragement.

“The best thing you can do is to go out, find people in the area that work, call them up and ask to shadow them on a job,” Neyman said.

Neyman acknowledges that the field can be challenging, but he believes that dedication and gaining experience are key.