People come from all over the world, hoping to hear the Prophet and his Apostles share and testify of truth. That was the case with Guelly Dioses and Adela Tineo.

Dioses and Tineo considered this general conference as a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to feel the Spirit inside the Conference Center. To them, being able to listen to conference means being able to hear the voice of Christ — something that is worth sacrificing for.

Dioses and Tineo came to America five months ago with the sole purpose of attending general conference in person.

“I came with the intention of staying here for 15 days, but you know, I stayed a little bit longer,” Tineo said. “Our families are still in Peru.”

They sat outside the Conference Center for the first few sessions, hoping to get tickets.

Dioses, a convert of 20 years, and Tineo, born in the church, find guidance in their beliefs and through the voice of the Prophet.

“Every person will find a message that will help them based on their needs,” Dioses said. “To me, it’s always helped me in everything I do.”

Tineo agreed that every message at conference seemed to be directed to every person who heard it.

The two women laughed and joked outside the conference center as if they were already inside.

“We are happy because we have Jesus Christ in our lives,” Dioses said.