The BYU-Idaho Range Society and the Bureau of Land Management will clean up pallet nails and other fire trash with the help of volunteers at the St. Anthony Sand Dunes on Saturday, March 24, at 10 a.m.

“I pulled up to the area to complete some sign maintenance, and I noticed thousands of dark lines in the sand,” said BLM Recreation Planner Ben Cisna in the BLM press release. “I didn’t know what it was at first, but as I got closer, I realized it was nails.”

After an entire day of picking up sharp and dangerously protruding nails from the sand, Cisna collected 60 pounds of nails in just one-fourth of an acre.

According to the BLM press release, the thousands of nails left in the sand are remnants of students’ illegal pallet-burning bonfires and pose a threat to sand dune visitors. The St. Anthony Sand Dunes are a frequent recreational spot for students, families and Rexburg natives, including small, unsuspecting children.

“A small child playing on the dunes could easily fall or step on one of these nails,” said BLM Upper Snake Field Manager Jeremy Casterson in the BLM press release. “We do our best to keep the area clean, but it’s impossible for staff to comb over every acre of the dunes trying to remove nails.”

Students who are interested in helping clean up the nails at the St. Anthony Sand Dunes this Saturday can meet at the parking lot on Red Road at 10 a.m. As a cautionary notice, the BLM recommends sturdy shoes, gloves and any gathering materials such as shovels, magnets and buckets.