Water polo is one of the competitive sports played at BYU-Idaho and it is played by students from all over the country.

The playoffs for competitive water polo are Nov. 17 and 18 at the John W. Hart Pool.

Andrew Dawson, a writer for the sports website Bleacher Report, said water polo was called the toughest Olympic and overall sport.

“Water polo is a combination of swimming, basketball and football,” Dawson said, according to Bleacher Report, “and it’s played in about 20 feet of water.”

Emily Grant, a senior studying elementary education, said that water polo is a tough sport, but it gives players the opportunity to develop relationships with one another.

“We get really competitive and the sport is really physical,” Grant said. “It’s dirty, it’s rough, it’s aggressive, but it’s also really fun.”

Grant said playing water polo helps players bond with each other and even make new friends that may not be on your team.

“Sometimes you may punch someone in the eye or get an elbow to the face, but then you’re best friends two seconds later and joking about it,” Grant said.

Grant said she likes getting out of the pool after a game, joking with her team about things that happened and shaking hands with the other team.

“Everything that happens in the water stays in the water,” Grant said.

Jenna Jarman, a sophomore studying exercise physiology, has played water polo for eight years.

“Since we’re so aggressive in the water, I feel like it kind of mellows us out outside the pool,” Jarman said. “Often after games in the locker room, we’ll be able to talk to the other team and become friends with them.”