l WATCH: Are you using your free cloud storage? - BYU-I Scroll

One of the benefits of being a student at BYU-Idaho is one terabyte (1,000 gigabytes) of cloud storage on OneDrive. It is available through Microsoft Office 365, which every student has access to.

Accessing OneDrive is simple and fast. On your computer, go to OneDrive.com, click sign in at the top right side of the screenenter your school email address and then click on work or school account.

This should take you to the school’s sign-in page, where you sign in to your BYU-Idaho account. Then, you are in OneDrive.

Once you’ve signed in, you can upload anything you want to OneDrive. Most students who use OneDrive say that they use it mainly for schoolwork but also use it as a backup for pictures, music and other files.

Other students were thrilled to hear that they got a terabyte of cloud storage for free. Charlet Salmond, a junior studying elementary education, didn’t know about the free cloud space, but already knows what she is putting in it. “All of my assignments and all of my pictures… so they’re safe,” Salmond said.

Madelynn Mangelson, a sophomore studying elementary education, already uses OneDrive for her pictures and her assignments. She also sees the benefits of using OneDriveThere’s a lot more space, and it’s an easy spot because I’m always in there having to get school stuff,” Mangelson said.

Along with going to OneDrive.com to upload files, you can also download the OneDrive app for PC, Mac, Android and iPhone to sync your data across multiple devices.