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Here at BYU-Idaho, sports are split into two main levels from easiest to hardest. The levels are recreational and intermediate. In addition, a higher level of competitive sports not offered by the University is played by students known as club sports. The more competitive levels, such as intermediate and club, involve students with a higher skill level than recreational according to Matthew Durphee a senior studying business management.

Matthew Durphee, a junior studying business management, plays for the Rec team Los Pollos Loco. He discussed some of his team’s strengths and hopes for the playoffs.

“We are just relaxed, (that’s) the biggest way to describe us,” Durphee said. “We just play more chill and I think that helps us do better.”

Durphee who plays in the recreational league enjoys playing intramural Rec Soccer because it is a more relaxed environment when compared to some of the tougher leagues.

“I play a lot more (sports) and soccer,” Durphee said. “I’m not competitive, but I think its really fun.”

In addition to playing soccer, Durphee plays club frisbee. When asked what his hopes are for the soccer playoffs coming up, Durphee simply states its all about having fun.

“Here, it’s just getting out and playing with friends, and just being more active,” Durphee said.

Addison Lulay, a freshmen studying mechanical engineering, currently plays on the team Los Pumas in the intermediate league for soccer. Being in a more competitive league, Lullay said his teams focus more on taking home first place in the playoffs.

“To come together and work our butts off,” Lullay said his objectives for Los Pumas are. He said his team’s strengths are “in the midfield and a pretty good defensive line.”

Lullay said he feels excitement and a bit of anxiety as they near this upcoming Tuesday, July 10.

“I’ve never been to the playoffs,” Lullay said. “I have no clue how far we’ll go, but that depends on how our heads are in the game.”

The game happened on Tuesday, July 10.

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