WATCH: Competitive soccer: The championship


Photos by Christan Jensen, videos by Cheng En Yang


The BYU-Idaho competitive soccer championship for men and women took place on Saturday, Nov. 9 in the BYU-Idaho Stadium. At noon, the Titans defeated the Knights 2 – 1, while at 2 p.m., the Vikings defeated the Wildcats 4 – 2.

The Titans and Knights were tied 0 – 0 for the first half of the game, until Heidi Lucas, a sophomore studying elementary education and the #12 player, made the first goal for the Titans.

“Best shot I’ve ever seen,” said Jared Hall, a senior studying public health and the Titans head


Hall prepared the team for the championships by teaching them to take risks and to work together as a team.

A few minutes later, the Knights caught up after a goal from their #11 player, leaving the game 1 – 1. As the game was about to end, the #9 player to the Titans made the final goal that led them to victory.

“I was kind of shocked,” said Ashley Butler, a sophomore studying sociology and the #9 team player to the Titans. “It was really slow motion to me.”

The team participated in games each week during the season.

“I gained a family,” expressed Nicolas Sosa, a sophomore studying communication and the Knights head coach. “It wasn’t my goal to make best friends, but that’s what ended up happening.”

Within the first few minutes of the men’s game, Bryan Mauerman, a senior studying food sciences and the goalkeeper to the Wildcats, was injured. The Vikings got an advantage of 2 – 0. Mauerman rejoined the game later on.

Each team scored two more goals leaving the final scoreboard 4 – 2.

“We practiced twice a week, every week of the tournament,” said Luis Ruiz, a junior studying business management operations and the Wildcats head coach. “That helped our team grow in unity, and we are not only teammates but also friends.”

There will be a banquet at the end of the semester for the teams and players to receive different awards based on their performance in the tournament.