SALT LAKE CITY President Henry B. Eyring from the First Presidency of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints spoke about “Gathering the Family of God” during the 187th Annual General Conference Saturday morning session.

He began his talk by explaining the terms “brother” and “sister” used in the Church are “an expression of an eternal truth” and God is the father to everyone.

President Eyring talked about how family history has grown with the advancements in internet and other technology.

“Genealogical libraries, associations and technologies have emerged around the world to support this interest,” he said. “The internet’s power to enhance communications has enabled families to work together to do family history research with a speed and thoroughness never before possible.”

According to Mormon Newsroom, there are 153 countries with family history centers, totaling 4,918 centers worldwide. In North America alone, there are 2,784 family history centers.

Mitchell Ormsby, a conference attendee from California, talked about the changes he wanted to make with his wife once conference was over.

“My wife and I plan on getting more involved with searching more of our ancestors that are not there yet, and we can start bringing them to the temple, start making that basic unit,” Ormsby said.

President Eyring said the need for family history is growing due to the “Spirit of Elijah.”

“I bear testimony that Elijah did come. The hearts of the children — of you and me — have turned to our fathers, our ancestors,” he said. “The affection you feel for your ancestors is part of the fulfillment of that prophecy. It is deeply seated in your sense of who you are.”

According to Mormon Newsroom, the Church has information on at least 3 billion deceased people, making the Church have the most records in the world.

“The work of gathering Heavenly Father’s family is not just for young people, and it is not just for their grandparents,” President Eyring said. “It is for everyone. We are all gatherers.”

Lisabeth Ormsby, Mitchell Ormsby’s wife, said she might plan to do more family history on Sunday in order to learn more about her family.

“I’d love to know more about my family history, just to know things,” she said. “Maybe like recipes or stories, and that’s fun to share stories to my kids in the future, and I can dedicate more time to doing that maybe on Sundays. A lot of the work is done, but I could do more detailed work like that.”

For those wanting to do family history, go to for more information.