Several BYU-Idaho students competed in the first Mud Volleyball tournament on Saturday, June 30. Students created their own teams, designed uniforms and played their best as there were prizes to be won.

A group of students put this event together as part of an Event Management class for their final project.

“It’s been a really great experience getting students out here, feeling the competitive vibe,” said Zach Kennedy, a junior studying communication. “We tried to get students outside and socialize rather than have them be bored in their apartments playing video games. We tried to have some IBC companies come, but we weren’t able to supply the equipment they needed. Other than that, it went as expected and we couldn’t be … happier with the result.”

When not competing, teams were practicing off to the side as they prepared to face the next opponent.

“It’s been a great opportunity to get out with my friends, play some volleyball, get dirty,” said Keith Phelps, a junior studying business management. “It was a great way to spend my Saturday.”

As students were playing, people were watching from the sidelines staying clean and mud free.

“Oh it’s been great, I came as a volunteer, a team was short one player so I jumped in,” said Jeff Riggins a junior studying recreation management. “I wasn’t expecting to get this dirty but I don’t regret it. It’s a great environment and I love the atmosphere. If I had to do it again, I would. I’m looking forward to next years tournament.”

The smiles on students faces, the friendships and the mud may well be what these participants remember the most.