Story by Amron Yitref

BYU-Idaho offers many RecSports from water polo to fencing. But, have you ever wondered what are the most popular sports BYU-I has to offer? Here are BYU-I’s most popular sports:

5) Coming in at number five: Arena Football, which is new to the university this semester. This game is a 4-on-4, fast-paced sport where the clock always running. It has 142 participants making up 20 teams.

4) Coming in at number four: Dodgeball. A classic school yard game that consist of six players on each team throwing balls at each other with 217 participants making up 23 teams. So, if you want to bring back elementary school memories, this is the game for you.

3) Coming in at number three: Futsal. This game is similar to soccer. You have to be quick on your toes with a lmuch smaller playing area. With a staggering 467 participants that make up 52 teams on campus, you will definitely be rubbing elbows with your opponents.

2) Coming in at number two: Volleyball. With a whopping 562 participants that make up 60 teams, it is a classic here for the West coast! This 6-on-6 match up gives you the feel that you’re on the beach again!

1) Number one on top of the list, the most popular game on campus is Basketball with a number of 691 participants making up 116 teams.

Was your favorite sport missed? Please comment below!