The Wellness Center hosted a Build Your Own Workout Workshop on Tuesday in the Hart Fitness Center.

Tuesday’s workshop demonstrated various exercises students can use to create personal workout routines by teaching them how to target and strengthen different muscle groups.

Nicholas Kunz, a personal trainer for the wellness center, said his favorite part about these workshops is getting the opportunity to interact with different people from the school and help them learn fitness fundamentals.

“The workshops show really basic fundamentals that people might kind of underestimate when coming to the gym for the first time,” Kunz said. “For example, today we’re doing a how-to build your workout, which is surprisingly a kind of neglected area of exercise.”

Kunz demonstrates Romanian Deadlifts

Kunz demonstrates Romanian Deadlifts. Photo credit: Mattie Johnson

There will be workshops focusing on flexibility and mobility, body weights and powerlifting, so students with different interests can learn more about different topics.

“So people that might want a little bit more expertise in it or have a very basic understanding of what building your workout is,” Kunz said. “People can start at any point in time and learn something new.”

McKaydee Call and Laney Wagner, two more of the Wellness Center’s workers said they also love getting to meet people at the workshops.

Call helps students with decline sit ups

Call helps students with decline sit ups. Photo credit: Mattie Johnson

“I love this job,” Call said. “I think it’s great working with people helping them learn and grow and improve their overall health.”

Wanger said she liked Tuesday’s topic of learning basic exercises to help newcomers build personal workouts.

“I especially love the topic today, which is like build your own workout because I feel like it’s just the basic, fundamentals,” Wagner said. “Everyone’s curious about that. It’s just a really great thing to learn.”

Information and dates for future workshops can be found on the Wellness Center’s website and on I-Belong.