National Day of Unplugging is Friday, March 9. It is a day to unplug from technology for 24 hours to better connect with others and the world around us.

Here are five things you could do to enjoy the day away from the devices that can take you away from the important things in life.

1. Take a peaceful walk around the temple grounds

Take a spouse, loved one or friend to do baptisms or other temple ordinances. Take time to reflect on life and your connection with God while enjoying the peace and beauty of the grounds.

2. Make snow angels or build snowmen

There is plenty of snow on the ground to enjoy before spring comes. Find a park nearby and go have fun.

3. Cook a new recipe using only a cookbook, without the use of Pinterest or online recipes.

Don’t have a cookbook? Ask a friend or someone in your ward if they have one to borrow.

4. Volunteer at the local food bank or shelter

Call ahead to make sure the food bank or shelter is open and in need of help. You can even check out the animal shelter and volunteer to help take care of the animals for an hour or so.

5. Learn a new skill

There are some free workshops/classes provided on campus to help learn or improve certain skills. Take a friend or special someone and get to know each other and your abilities.