“It’s hard, especially at times like this, to say I’m proud to be an American.” Lytia S. Brock, a mother of five, living outside Pittsburgh, said this to The Washington Post.

“It’s less about who you are and more about what you are doing,” said Naghem Swade, an American woman with Iraqi heritage and beliefs, to The Washington Post.

“Patriotism is standing for your country and fighting for what you believe,” said Victoria MacGregor, a sophomore studying horticulture. “It’s broad, and there are many perspectives that both support and abuse that idea of patriotism.”

America has its patriotism, but the amount is deteriorating slowly. By looking at these quotes, there’s the sense of distrust and lack of confidence in the wonderful U.S. of A.

Less and less people are attending parades, raising a flag, and {{not}} even showing their appreciation online. The trust in the country seems to be the biggest factor in the lack of patriotism. It’s still there, but the number of people that can be fully confident in the country has dropped to a record-low 47 percent.

Frank Newport, the editor-in-chief for Gallup, talked with NPR (National Public Radio) about patriotism and the poll they posted. He talked briefly about the large spectrums between Republicans and Democrats and about how, since Donald Trump became President, the gap between the two parties has gotten nothing but bigger.

A recent poll from Gallup indicated that Americans’ pride in the government has dropped below-average for the first time ever at 47 percent, stating they’re “extremely proud” to be an American citizen.

The big questions that come to my mind while hearing these statistics are “Why? Why are we not trusting our government, our country and ourselves?” One reason that comes from all the above sources is the lack of trust in President Trump.

While Trump has been good to us in some instances, there are still the countless tweets he has created that accuse those who don’t support him as “un-American” or “extremist.” Because of this, he acts immaturely — not as a president should act. I lose faith in my government also for the fact that Trump’s administration is changing on nearly a weekly basis. It shows how much they can’t handle the public attacking them because of this man.

Trump’s slogan for his campaign was to “Make America Great Again.” How are we supposed to make this country “great” if all we do is disband instead of unify? How are we supposed to help our government when it constantly changes its own image? How can we become better?

We, as people of America, need to be there to fight. I recently saw the movie Darkest Hour, which was about the beginning weeks of Winston Churchill as prime minister (portrayed by Gary Oldman) and how he, the man that was accused of pride and self-worth, led a country out of Nazi control.

There was a scene where he was being driven to the War Room where they negotiate a surrender to Nazi control. Instead, Churchill popped out the car when his chauffeur wasn’t looking and went to Westminster via underground rail.

Churchill was spotted obviously, boarded a sub car with help of the public and then proceeded to get to know and talk to the people in his car. He told them about the state that the War Room is in and asked if they would stand and fight for their country if asked. In an instant and with loud voices, they all shouted “Yes!” “Absolutely!” “No doubt!” This was the first step that Churchill took towards the Parliament to keep pushing on the war effort.

We, America, need to be those that are willing to fight. There are downfalls of the country, but about 55 percent of the American people say that there are better days ahead, according to Gallup. We need to hold our country together now so we can have those better days in the future.