At BYU-Idaho, all communication students are required to take a Writing For Communication course, also known as COMM 111.

Stephen Henderson, a faculty member who teaches the course, uses an assignment called Fly on the Wall, where students people-watch in a public place and write what they see.

This article is the first part of a series that showcases students’ Fly on the Wall pieces.

The Fly on the Wall assignment is a favorite among students. The assignment encourages students to find a place to observe people; the rubric requires students to write vivid details capturing a moment in time.

Author of “Waiting for class” — published in the Fly on the Wall: School edition — and freshman studying business marketing, Quinn Kunz, enjoyed the Fly on the Wall exercise.

“I feel like was a little bit out of my comfort zone,” Kunz said. “It was good.”

At first, Kunz struggled to know where to find his story, but he learned that stories can be found in unlikely places.

“I realized it’d be kind of creatively fun to be able to see what I can do in just a random situation,” Kunz said.

Students on campus after devotional.

Students on campus after devotional. Photo credit: BYU-Idaho photo by Michael Lewis

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