What is Social Dance Rexburg?

Samuel Fisher smiles as he dances with his wife Sara. Photo credit: Jessica Brown

Sara Fisher, a BYU Idaho alumna, and her husband Samuel Fisher, a junior studying psychology, began a weekly function to give the Rexburg community a place to dance and meet people.

“Social Dance Rexburg is a community dance event that occurs every Friday night where people of any age can come and ballroom dance and socialize,” Sara Fisher said. “We encourage people of all ages to come because dancing is for all ages.”

In the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Fishers received many requests for places to keep dancing in the Rexburg community. In the summer of 2020, they opened up Social Dance Rexburg in response.

“We first started doing the dances because we had a group of friends who were all dancers and wanted to keep dancing despite the pandemic,” Sara Fisher explained. “It was interesting trying to juggle COVID restrictions, getting a venue, and spreading the word to people with so much social distancing. That was pretty challenging. But I enjoyed seeing people’s faces as they were able to come and spend a night with friends, because I could tell that they enjoyed being there. That made it worth it.”

Despite the original challenges, the Fishers are still going strong and putting on dances every Friday night.

“Honestly, running it isn’t hard,” Sara Fisher shared. “It’s what I enjoy, so it makes it easy. The hardest thing is getting people to come. Most of our targeted audience is college students, but the turnover between semesters can be hard to get a regular group of people coming, so we advertise everywhere and constantly.”

Sara Fisher’s process of preparing for the dance each week includes advertising on social media and in dance classes, creating a unique music playlist, buying supplies, confirming the venue, observing attendees to determine what dances are most popular, and adjusting the playlist to reflect her observations. The supplies she typically needs are a speaker, tables and chairs, and refreshment options.

Social Dance Rexburg recently moved to a new venue, located at 155 E 2nd N, across the street from Sonic in Rexburg. Admission is $3 for one person or $5 for a couple.