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Spring 2018 enrollment at BYU-Idaho indicates growth on campus and online

Brett Crandall, the public relations director at BYU-I, gave insight on what the university is planning on doing in terms of the ever-expanding student population.

“We expect to continue to grow,” Crandall said. “Our fall and winter semesters are typically larger than the spring semesters by a few thousand.”

Crandall said the university is expecting a larger student population in fall semester — even larger than Fall Semester 2017.

“Right now we expect to have enough housing for our student population for our projections this fall,” Crandall said.

Housing is critical to the growing population. As long as there is enough housing for students, the student population can continue to grow at its current pace.

“We work closely with local developers to make sure that we have the bed space for students,” Crandall said. “We can only grow if we have enough to house students in.”

Such steady growth has resulted in new apartment complexes being built such as The Roost, Cedars, Brigham’s Mill Apartments and The Landing Apartments. All of which have opened recently. Another apartment complex called Silverbrook is currently under construction. Crandall said that there are no further plans to build any future housing apartment complexes.

“(There’s) no plan to expand because the private market is filling our needs, we prefer that private markets fill our needs for us,” Crandall said.

Crandall explained that private apartments help pay taxes which, in turn, helps support the community overall.

However, with the new complexes going up, there are currently no plans to expand the campus or put in any new buildings. Instead, the university has chosen to reconfigure the space inside certain buildings. Such examples include a remodel of Joseph Fielding Smith Building 240 into four new classrooms, an interior remodel of the Mark Austin Building and construction in the Wellness Center to replace unused lockers for further expansion.

“To accommodate more students we are making the best use of our existing space,” Crandall said.

Crandall said campus expansion correlates with the opportunity the university provides for its current and future students.

“We hope to accommodate members of the Church who want to come here and receive the high-value education that we offer and we want to (continue) to accommodate that,” Crandall said.


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