Freshman year is filled with new opportunities, classes, friends and much more. Unfortunately, it’s not until some students become seniors that they realize how much they missed out on, or that there was an easier way of doing things. Seniors at BYU-Idaho share what they wished they had known as freshmen.

“I would definitely do more research on the majors and the classes,” said Jonathan Cook, a senior majoring in international studies. “That way you don’t lose as many credits when you’re trying to figure out what you what you want to do.”

Although students like Katrina Hungary, a senior studying social work, regret just having fun their freshman year, other students explained that there is more to it than just thinking about yourself.

“Just actually try; I mean, you can be as successful in any subject, as long as you put the time and effort into it,” said Rhett Mullins, a senior studying psychology. “It’s not a matter of intelligence; it’s grit, it’s actually getting down and doing things and then helping the kids around you.”

There are plenty of opportunities to serve and become involved on campus. For example, students can volunteer at Disciple Leader Conference, Student Involvement, Get Connected and much more. For more information visit BYU-I’s volunteer web page.