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A building with 435,000 square feet of space was built in three years and dedicated for use in 2010. The BYU-Idaho Center is the largest meeting place on campus.

According to the BYU-Idaho website, the BYU-Idaho Center seats 15,000 people and is used to host devotionals, concerts and other school and church-hosted events.

The building is also home to 10 full-sized basketball courts and an indoor track available for student use.

Tyler Williams, the Admissions director, said his favorite fact about the I-Center was when a campus-wide fast was held, while they were building it, to stop the Rexburg winds so the construction workers could set the trusses.

”Sure enough our prayers were answered,” Williams said.

Williams also enjoys contemplating the Carl Bloch paintings displaying the life of Christ.

“What a beautiful perspective and spirit that hall provides to campus,” Williams said.

The I-Center is home to many paintings that display the life of Christ, pioneers and various scriptures. Students are welcome to sit on the top level of the balcony for quiet meditation or studying.

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