The Education and Human Development Department covers a vast majority of majors, including home & family, psychology, religious education, sociology/social work, teacher education and field services.

Emily Clayton, a senior majoring in elementary education, said she enjoys her major and the department because she loves the opportunities she has to learn and teach others.

“The reason I became involved in this major is because I want to help kids who are less fortunate in the opportunities they have,” Clayton said. “I want to teach them to love learning and guide them to the success and happiness every child deserves.

Clayton said she finds her major fulfilling and a great way to give back to those teachers who gave their time to her.

“It’s fun and fulfilling being an education major because my emphasis is in science,” Clayton said. “I love participating in labs and being a part of more hands on learning. I feel that as I’ve grown through trial and error, I am becoming a better teacher.”

Clayton said getting used to the course load was difficult for her at times as she transitioned from high school to college, but that her love of learning pushed her through.