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What went down with MC Sports Late Night

MC Late Night is an event that has been held every Friday night since June 2021. The sports activity committee hosted the event in the Hyrum Manwaring Center on Nov. 11. The events were on every floor of the MC and ranged from Wii sports to Karaoke. Guests experienced the events for $3.

Sports late night events
Sports late night events Photo credit: Addison Brasher

“We had quite a good turnout,” said Seth Risley, a coordinator at this event. “It was a lot of fun. It’s been really chill and a lot of people have enjoyed themselves.”

The following events were held on the first floor.

wii bowling
wii bowling Photo credit: Addison Brasher

— Wii Bowling

fifa Photo credit: Addison Brasher

— Fifa

mario kart
mario kart Photo credit: Addison Brasher

— Mario Kart

The following events were on the second floor.

mini golf
mini golf Photo credit: Addison Brasher

— Mini Golf

cornhole Photo credit: Addison Brasher

— Cornhole

Students playing spike ball.
Students playing spikeball. Photo credit: Olivia Weaver

— Spikeball

Ping pong
Ping pong Photo credit: Addison Brasher

— Ping-pong

Basketball players w/ Annabelle Chang
Basketball players w/ Annabelle Chang Photo credit: Addison Brasher

— Arcade Basketball

Comedy show
Comedy show Photo credit: Addison Brasher

— Comedy Show

karaoke Photo credit: Addison Brasher

— Karaoke

This event happens every semester, and the creators of this event hope for another great turnout next time.


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