What’s Trending on Campus This Spring

BYU-I 2014 Spring Trends

“The sun is out and spring is here so put away those winter blues and break out the latest spring trends.” From black and white to florals, nothing is off limits when it comes to women’s fashion.

Mariana Alvs, a senior studying communications said, “The latest spring trends that I like to embrace are black and white with a lot of different graphics and different prints, florals.”

For those who find it difficult to spend, one student offers some good advice for shopping with a college students budget. Mariana Alvs said, “Forever 21 is obviously tops, Marshalls, TJ Maxx, and sometimes I even shop at Target.”

One fashion blogger, Chandler Roberson, shares a few of the basic styles that are in for this season.

“Tea-length skirts, so not your average midi skirt and not your maxi skirt but kind of in between those are pretty big. Athletic looks are in so stripped trousers, kind of the tom boy look so like baseball caps,” said Chandler Roberson, a junior studying communications.

One piece of clothing the bloggers on campus suggest that everyone should have is a good chambray shirt. For inspiration on how to embrace these trends Katy Burton tells us her favorite go to place.

“All my inspiration comes from pinterest, I just wish so bad that everything I pin on pinterest would just form in my closet,” said Katy Burton, a junior studying communications.

Chandler Roberson ended with, “Fashion and clothing and style it’s just a way to say who you are without having to actually voice yourself, or someone that’s like me.”

So start getting inspired and don’t be afraid to use and abuse those colors, this season will be a fun one.

Reporting from campus, I’m Kylee Benesh, scroll digital.