Many people like to attend General Conference as a family, but what do the women do when the men go to the Priesthood Session? On Friday, March 31 in Salt Lake City, UT, women were asked how they choose to spend their time.

“I usually just watch (Priesthood Session) while I’m at home and kind of hang out.” -Jory Adams (Left)
“Usually just me, my mom, and all the girls in my family get together. We would go to Deseret Book for a girls’ night, Now we usually come to Conference and when the boys are done, we’ll all meet up for cheesecake.” -Addison Wright (Right)

“Usually walking around Temple Square is nice because of the weather around Conference time. Then I’ll catch dinner because that’s around when Priesthood session starts. Basically, just eat, walk around, and kind of think about what I heard.”
-Emma Routt (Left) with friends

“I personally kind of like to reflect on what I heard in Conference, and the talks that spoke to me the most. Then I spend time with my family. I’m here with my sister, enjoying the evening and making some memories.” – Nyanial Rial (Right)

“I also love to reflect on the talks. I take what I learned and put it in my heart, thinking about how it applies in my life.” -Nyajima Rial (Left)

“We don’t normally come for conference. We usually have ladies’ night out at the church book store because there are door prizes and all sorts of stuff going on while the men are at Priesthood.” -Kim Baird (Right) with her family

“We go to Desert Book because we know they have ‘Ladies Night’ during every conference. It’s always a lot of fun.” -Laura Udobong (Left)

“We’re probably just going to go shopping, honestly. Tonight, we’ll chill at the temple grounds and people-watch.” -Jaden Phillips (Left) and Lanie Udy (Right)

Maria Fernanda (Right) walks with her mother and sister around the temple grounds as they reflect on conference. She said she hopes one of the sessions will talk about what women can do in the future, and how to spiritually grow.

“We just meet up with all of our family, then the girls will go to dinner, then go shopping.” -Callie Adams

“A lot of people will go out shopping. We’ve done that before, but normally we don’t really do much.” -Mailee Turpin (Right)
Elsie Marin (Middle)
“Tonight we’re just spending time together, walking around Temple Square and talking. ” -Elsie Marin (Middle)
“I think the point of conference is to maybe not do a whole lot, but just reflect on what we heard.” -Lauren Ney (Left)

“We’ll usually all go shopping during the Priesthood session. We also like to walk the grounds and talk, like right now we’re talking about when my daughter got married in this temple.” -The Yentes Family