DJ Productions will be hosting the White Out Party on June 11, in the BYU-Idaho Hart Main Gym.
“The theme is white out,” said Simren Massey, a manager in the BYU-I social activities and a freshman studying business management. “Everyone will show up wearing white clothing and get to dance under black lights.”

Massey said a lot of students of various ages are expected to attend this dance.

“The theme for this DJ Productions came from the concept of a prism,” said Marie Ellis, a senior studying communication.

Ellis said when light enters a prism, multiple colors will come out of it; so even though everyone will be wearing white clothes, dancing under the black lights, the decorations will involve many colors making the venue look really cool and interesting.

“DJ Productions Dance is done twice a semester with a different theme every time, to keep people interested,” said James Mocke, a manager with the BYU-I social activities and a freshman studying construction management.

Mocke said the DJ Productions Dance is produced by the DJ’s but is organized by the managers of the social activities.

“DJ productions Dance is a revamped Party in the Hart,” Ellis said. “We are trying to move from the Party in the Hart to the DJ Productions Dance. “We don’t want students to think of it as a church dance. We wants students to think that it’s cool and relatable.”

Ellis said the Activities Office on offers a lot of activities for students and too often new students have the idea that BYU-I or Rexburg is a boring place, when the school offers a lot of fun and cool activities.

“Student should go because it’s a fun way to take away the stress and pressure from life, classes and homework, release your wriggles and jiggles and to just relax,” Mocke said.

Ellis said DJ Productions Dance offers students a wholesome and safe environment but most importantly it will be a place to have fun, meet new people and socialize.

“Students should attend the DJ Productions Dance because there will be two DJ’s djing, playing a wide variety of music,” Massey said.

Mocke said it is a nice activity to use as a fun date. Student’s may even meet their eternal companion there.

“Students should expect to be very surprised and to have a lot of fun,” Mocke said.

Mocke said students just have to make the effort to come and they will enjoy the dance.

Mocke said the social activities will be advertising all week through booths on campus, the Social Activities Facebook page, other social media, posters and garden signs all around campus. “If students would like to make a song request they can do so by typing ‘byui song request’ into google and going to the first link, and choosing the DJ Productions Dance,” Ellis said. “They can also go here to request songs for other dances on campus and for music in the MC.”

Ellis said they are aiming to have about 300 people, double the amount from the last DJ Productions Dance.

“IBC Groups such as Hot Diggity and Short Stop, the homemade pretzel and frozen lemonade stand, will be selling food during the dance in case anyone would like to get dinner,” Ellis said.