On May 16, Jennifer Edgin Meredith publicly accepted the call to serve alongside her husband, President Alvin F. Meredith III, as leaders of BYU-Idaho. Sister Meredith began her address by highlighting the kindness of President and Sister Eyring.

“The Eyrings have truly been a friend to any associated with BYU-Idaho,” Sister Meredith said. “They have served you with love and have modeled Christlike leadership. And we hope to do the same.”

President Meredith and Sister Meredith were married in 1998. They have six children — four boys and two girls. Sister Meredith served a mission for the Church in the Argentina Salta Mission and acquired a bachelor’s degree in communication from BYU.

Erika Cook is a senior studying communication at BYU-I and a returned missionary. Cook served under President and Sister Meredith in the Utah Salt Lake City South Mission.

“Every time you got off the phone with the Merediths, no matter what, they would say ‘love you sisters,'” Cook said.

She described the two as having great testimonies of the gospel and said their dedication to Christ shows in their love for everyone they meet.

“Sister Meredith is an absolute gem,” Cook said. “… She taught us how to teach children … so well and so simplistically, so that they feel the love of their Savior.”

Cook describes Sister Meredith as an incredible role model as she balanced their intense church calling while raising a family.

“Over the past 25 years, I have seen my husband lead our family and our missionaries with high love, high expectations, good humor and a big smile,” Sister Meredith said in a BYU-I Devotional. “I know you will come to love and appreciate his warmth and servant-leadership. Our greatest desire for our children, our missionaries, and now for you as our students at this sacred institution is to become lifelong disciples of Jesus Christ.”

President Meredith spoke right after Sister Meredith. During his address, he joked with the audience and said that while students may tolerate him, they’ll love his wife.