The Idaho Sled Dog Challenge was first held in 2010, and it has since become one of the most popular winter events in the state.

The challenge attracts participants from all over the country and even from around the world, who come to compete against each other and test their sled dogs’ abilities.

The race consists of a 300-mile race with 50,000 cumulative feet of climb through Idaho’s West Central Mountains. This year’s event also offers a 100-mile amateur race and a 37-mile junior race for new mushers ages 14 to 17.

The challenge consists of a series of races, each of which is designed to test different aspects of sledding, such as speed, agility and teamwork. The races take place over a period of several days and cover a variety of distances, ranging from short sprints to longer, multi-day races.

In addition to the races, the Idaho Sled Dog Challenge also includes a number of other events and activities. It includes a musher’s banquet, a sled dog auction and a number of educational seminars and workshops on topics related to sledding and mushing.

The dogs are specially trained for the challenge and are well taken care of, with many of them living in loving homes as family pets when they are not competing.

For the mushers, the challenge is a test of their own endurance and skills. They must work closely with their dogs to navigate through the rugged terrain, and they must also be able to deal with the physical and mental challenges that come with sledding in the backcountry.

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