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Our nation has a rich history in journalism dating back to colonial America, and as a society, we have forgotten its role and how it’s to our benefit.

According to The Elements of Journalism by Bill Kovach and Tom Rosenstiel, there are 10 unique aspects of journalism or “news.” Over time, these elements diminished; accuracy and an ability for people to obtain information in a public forum have been hurt by the public disapproval of the facts they deem undesirable.

The term fake news has spread rapidly over the current presidential administration. I’m not talking about the falsified facts presented, but about how it’s perfectly normal to label information we don’t like as fake news.

Even this past Sunday, President Donald Trump called out reporters from his so-called favorite network Fox News as being worse than “FAKE NEWS CNN & NBC!”

With almost every story published across all organizations, I constantly see criticism and hatred toward anything written. While I agree it’s fair to share our public opinion and use our first amendment rights to share what is on our mind, I don’t feel it’s correct to criticize facts just because we don’t like them.

With the internet being an open platform to criticize the media and make it almost a joke, it becomes apparent that American society has forgotten the importance of what news and journalism bring to our lives.

A great point made in The Elements of Journalism is journalism or the system in which our society receives news acts as a monitor of powerful sources and institutions in society, such as government. That is why in America and as a campus we need to use the tool of journalism to keep our voices heard and promoting the truth obtained through transparency.

Whether you are for or against Trump, an example is his proposed border wall. Without coverage from the media, our nation would be ill-informed about the current situation.

Journalism, if done correctly, allows our society to arm themselves against the government becoming a tyranny. That is why news is important and must be taken seriously. All it takes is a brief look at history to see how proper information spread through journalism creates freedom for all.

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